New project…

My second project with this theme farm. The first one is “fazendinha de negócios” the game won a development nacional contest .

Take a look here:

This new game is mine. Of course, is to learn more code and create a new IP. A preliminar video below show the game (wip). For now, the chicken and the cow give me inputs…

My visual target

I hope you enjoy 😉 and please, take a look on my other games! Guaranteed fun!


Was a great time! Many projects, many lessons. On this company I was concept art, game design, illustrator, video maker and UX designer.

One of the best projects that I worked for, is Amazon for the Nintendo Wii. The game never was launched, but was a great effort from all team, Frenchs and Brazilians. On this projects I was the concept art and also I made some studies of colors (color scripts), on this project I worked for 4 moths, here bellow some images that I produced to guide the visual of the game and help the team to visualize the game:

Party Planner

Another project that I loved to participate, DS is a hard platform to developer, everything is very small, the color are counted and all the tool are from Nintendo. In this game I was the Game Designer, UX designer and Illustrator and video maker. Bellow the video:

Driver DS help

WWe created a mini game on Nintendo DS that help the player on the game Driver. In this game I worked as game designer and illustrator.

Deer Hunter Tournament

Deer Hunter is classic game made by Soundlogic for the Atari for a long time. The guys made 4 versions of this game, and I worked for the Deer Hunter Tournament as game designer, UX designer, illustrator and video maker.

Ubisoft/Southlogic projects:
• Party Planner – Nintendo DS: Game Designer, 2D Artist
• Wedding Design – Nintendo DS: Game Designer, 2D Artist
• Driver: San Francisco – Nintendo Wii/Nintendo DS: Game design, 2D Artist.
• Deer Hunter Tournament – Xbox360 and PC: 2D Artist
• Boggle – Iwin: Art Director, 2D Artist
• Scooby Doo! Who’s Watching Who? -PSP: 3D Artist
• Football Tigers -PC K elloggs: 2D Artist
• And many other projects that won’t saw the sunlight.

Board games.

One day a friend introduced me to a board game without dice, and it was from this day that I fell in love with board games. I still prefer video games, but board games have opened my mind to new possibilities in game design.

I would like show to you 3 board games and 1 puzzle that I illustrated and did the art direction, from the box to the content.

Ataque Pirata

De Galho em Galho

Tapa Pizza

Mapa Mundi

Math Command: Earth Defense

Hey hello everyone, Amora here!

I would like to present my new game Math Command: Earth defense. This is a little twist of my old game math. Now the game is more fast, more solid and more fun! My focus is yet let you learn math, but with a lot of fun and action. After a session of this game your brain will be more fast for sure! 😉

All our missiles have been reprogrammed and turn against the earth, a plan of revenge orchestrated by the monkey Polymath with your super brain. Now our planet is in danger and only a great math master can brake the codes and defeat the evil Monkey Polymath.

Missiles of all types, evil bosses and many power-ups are all included in this fun and educational game. In the end, you’ll learn more math and won’t even realize you were playing and having fun.

• 10 levels to face
• 11 bad bosses to defeat
• addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations.

Guaranteed fun!