UFRGS GAME – D.M.A. (Diagnosis, monitoring and evaluationD.M.A. )

This game was created for one of the biggest universities in our country. The idea was to contextualize the teaching material created by the university’s political scientists. I had a lot of material to work with, so I needed to summarize the idea and try to go down a more playful path. The first idea that came to my mind was something like the SIM CITY game, where you have a city to manage. Course, SimCity is too much for me.

In this game, DMA, you have to create and manage social programs in a country. So basically the population has a demand, like hunger, just like in SIM CITY with the available resources you have to create a social program to end hunger. You have to monitors and evaluates whether it correctly meets the population’s demand. If you do correct choices you earn more happiness points and your country prospers and you receive more resources. Simple? If you can’t imagine how to administer social programs in a country, then you need to play this game.

Bellow my game design.

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