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Most likely you got here because of my art. What few know is that along of my journey I developed other skills, a lot of others skills (music composition, video edition and all parts to make a good game, all in pursuit of my dream, to develop my own games. Can you imagineted how is hard for a playful mind learn code? So yes, I learned how to code in LUA and C# too. Below you will see the fruits of this long journey. Hope you like!

Hyper Casual – All free to play!

My goal here is bring the fun without make you wasting your time with a lot of rules to learn. That’s it! Play for points, and fun! Do you remember atari’s age?.

Casual Games

They are my premium games, free of ads, generally focused on children’s learning. But always with lots of fun, try one of them and help me create more games like these! Learn is fun!

Thank you for support me by downloading my games!

Games for Clients

Super cool games created for clients by amoraleite! Do you need an complete game? Make a contact!

In this six game in one. The goal is bring matters about sustainability and conscious consumption in a fun way. This game are available in Android and iOS for free. BRF is one of the largest food companies in the world.
A Leader’s Dilemmas is a fun game that has been used in several companies as a tool to create conscious leaders. It’s a mix of QUIZ with action. At the end of the game the player receives an assessment of what kind of leader he is.
A game created for one of the largest universities in our country UFRGS. I created a fun way to show the teaching material of the political science team. In this game you manage a country, applying and monitoring social programs.


Sometimes someone speak about my games and I’ll hear!

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