Game Design

I have created many games, for clients and for myself. Particularly my focus is on Hyper Casuals, I believe they are games that lead me to results faster. My process is the synthesis of what I learned from the best game designs that I was able to know in my time at Ubisoft. Direct, beautiful, efficient to show all the main points of the game, good for any team member to read, from client to a programmer. I don’t like long GDDs full of boring information that no one will ever read.

Meet my GDD style. What you will see next are some images extracted from the PDFs, if you want to see the PDF in its entirety, please contact me. All ideas are created by me, and all the art that you see too! A good design start with pencil and eraser.

My first job as a Game Designer was this game for Nintendo DS (US – Imagine Wedding Designer) I was already working as a creative designer for Ubsoft. This game has sold over 1.5M copies worldwide.

My Planet (Nintendo DS Game)

Fabrica de Chocolate (PC Game)

Fazendinha de Negócios (PC Game)

Ultra Mercado (PC Game)