I love! I love do art, create art, see art… I’m do art since when I was a little child. Some people say that I born to be artist, but not. In the begin I wanted work for Disney, but more late I realized that redraw Mickey a thousand times it’s not for me.

My seek for knowledgeme showed me that digital art is only a part of me, maybe becouse this the Concept Art fit more whith me, create take me to navigate new worlds, see incredbal things, is thounsand more fun! Below some of works that I created for many proporses and themes of a lot of projects. Have fun! 😉

Illustration & concept art – demo reel

Illustration, concept art & visual targets

Concept art & planning

Careful planning is capable of overcoming almost all difficulties.

Speedpaint & color script

To bring new ideas to light, we sometimes need a faster drawing called Speed Paint. To search for a correct harmony of colors, these small paintings help to visualize the passage from one scene to another.

Digital art x Tradicional art

To bring more value to my creations I decided to paint some of then in acrylic over canvas.

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