1981, first artistic expression, kept and given to me by my mother.

I have been drawing since I was very young, my first drawing is dated from mid 1981. In my life I was fortunate to have my mother Lúcia, although we were very poor, she always encouraged me and believed that somehow this path could bring me happiness and some money to living. I will always be grateful to her to make me believe.

But the true truth is, the growing up with a lack of money made me follow the path that could pay my bills. So I worked with what was available in the market, from video editor to graphic designer, among other things. I never worked in my comfort zone for a long time and each new job I had to increase my speed for delivery good results for clients, all this pressure led me to appreciate creation, more precisely conceptual art.

Illustration & concept art

Art is an extremely competitive and deep world. It takes a lot of study and a lot of practice. Certainly what guaranteed me a place in the market was the pleasure I found in making art. A curiosity about me, I love trying new ways of expressing myself, so a long of my journey I studied photography, traditional acrylic painting and even a little bit of carpentry. Below are some of the many artworks I have done and continue to do:

Creation & planning

Okay, I have to be honest. This is my favorite part, creation. I consider the most important part of any project, planning. If you plan well you will be prepared for any challenge, and this for sure is my main skill.

Biome Mission was a game I made for the largest television company in our country, Rede Globo television. In this project I directed, created and illustrated all the visual art of the game. Below is a small summary of the art that was developed for the game.

Pixel Art:

In 1989 I played Super Mario Bros on my TopGame nes clone. It was there that I fell in love with pixel art. A universe of possibilities opened up in my curious and hungry mind for expansion in art. Today I have my own pixel art games and I continue to create art for more client games. Pixel art was a limitation in its day, today it is a digital art movement.

My own pixel art games!


Sometimes when I draw, I just let my passion take over.

Many ways to began

I have a lot of process to start a job. It depends on the end goal and how this beginning can help me in the end result. So sometimes I start with a 3D mokup when I need to find a specific angle or sometimes with a series of thumbnails when I need to discover something new and creative.

Paper to final illustration
Color values to illustration
Vector lines to final illustration
Color Shapes to final illustration
3D mokup to final illustration