My first great job on the entertainment industry was in the area od video edition (1995). I did many comercial videos for Brazilian TV and I edited some short movies, nothing memorable, but were good times of lerning… The most important lesson that I learned is about time of a scene, the gold key for a good video. Here is some my short videos that I made for my own games..

Educational Games can be fun!

Math Command is a math game. Is it really possible learn to have fun? Take a look:

Learn more about the animals that inhabit our planet.

An interactive book with games for children!

Action Games

Multiplayer up to 4 players local and on-line, cross platform, RACE was a game that was ahead of its time.

FIRE follows the same premise as RACE, multiplayer cross platform. Another game that was ahead of its time.

Some filters, a little training and a little courage. That is how the general’s voice made by me is born.

Fight enemies, against time, against your ability to maintain control in this endless fighting game. Eternal Fighter is my voice again!

Winner games

Third place in a national game development contest. Sometimes I wonder, do I really have to do everything? I have fun!

Second place in a national game development contest.


Hired Works

The following ideas were not made by me 😉 They was catch on the internet… ( just to show my illustrations that I made).