I am Leonardo Amora Leite, (43) a multi-man: Game Designer, Concept Artist, Artist, Programmer, Game Producer and in my free time gamer. I worked in the digital art market since 1995. My passion for games guide me to the video game industry that I have been working on since 2006. I worked in one of the first gaming companies in Brazil, the Southlogic which later became Ubisoft Brasil. I worked there until the company ended the activities, Mid-2010.

In January of 2011 I founded amoraleite.com a company develop of games for Kids, teens, and why not young minds! You really want to know more abou the works and me? Visit the Blog, I’ll tell everything! Em português, conto tudo no meu blog.

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amoraleite.com services accomplished:
Electronic games:

• “Heaven & Hell” Client: Mortier IT Consulting BVBA.
• “Em busca dos Vales Encantados” – Client: Aquiris Game Studio/Coca Cola.
• “Physics” Client: Universia.
• “Missão Bioma” Client: Aquiris Game Studio/ Rede Globo.
• “Anti-Squish” – Client: Glass Echidna CA.

• “Ataque Pirata” – Client: Toyster Brinquedos.
• “Tapa Pizza” – Client: Toyster Brinquedos.
• “De Galho em Galho” – Client: Toyster Brinquedos.
• “World Map Puzzel 200 pieces” – Client: Toyster Brinquedos.

• “O Caso do Poleiro” – children’s book
• “Dorival e o Aquecimento Global” – children’s book
• “Arrival in Salvador” – Art for a book – Client: Writer Christopher Kastensmidt.

Old Ubisoft/Southlogic projects:
• Party Planner – Nintendo DS: Game Designer, 2D Artist
• Wedding Design – Nintendo DS: Game Designer, 2D Artist
• Driver: San Francisco – Nintendo Wii/Nintendo DS: Game design, 2D Artist.
• Deer Hunter Tournament – Xbox360 and PC: 2D Artist
• Boggle – Iwin: Art Director, 2D Artist
• Scooby Doo! Who’s Watching Who? -PSP: 3D Artist
• Football Tigers -PC K elloggs: 2D Artist – South-logic