My name is Leonardo Amora Leite, (43), and I am a multi-man, a type of one man band. Game designer, concept artist, illustrator, 3D modeler, producer, music designer, video editor, programmer and in my free time gamer. How could I learn all of this? I’ve been working in the entertainment business since 1995 in different areas of entertainment, long time ago… 😉 In January of 2006 I began working for the first game company in Brazil, Southlogic, later our company was bought by the French Ubisoft, the fourth largest publisher of games in the world. Lucky ? I don’t think so! We made a game called Wedding Design for Nintendo DS that sold a wonderful mark of more than a million copies and this for sure call the attention of Ubisoft. 😉

In the fall of 2010 Ubisoft end the development studios on Brazil. I had everything to leave my country, but I love Brazil, and in January 2011 I founded the amoraleite.com, a company focused on art and game development. From there to today, I conquest 5 nacional awards of game development about entrepreneurship, as Art Director, I conceived the art and illustrated many comercial games from many parts of the world. As game developer, I produced many hyper casual games, with original ideas and art. Want to know more about my works? Visit my blog, I’ll tell you everything!

Do you need an entire game or digital art and game design for your game? Maybe just letting your project more super cool and fun with my crazy ideas and my experience? Or maybe you need a workshop, so I can talk about the projects that I did? Do you need know more about the industrie and what you have to do to enter in the game? Call me as your Mentor! Contact me, I’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Tell me and I forgetTeach me and I rememberInvolve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin. 

My school are Nintendo and SEGA, thank you so much for involve me I learn.

 win Awards and conquests

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Five times winner in a Brasil game developer contest!
My first App that I made alone.
Interview in BR magazine Photoshop Creative
My game RACE was featured on OUYA page console.
A game that sold more than 1 million of copies around the world.
Ubisoft works