Interactive book: Monsters vs Robots



Monsters vs. Robots was the first project that come from a dream of creating my own games. I worked and studied hard to reach the goal of making this interactive book + games for children. The first version I coded in LUA in 2010 and in 2020 I ported to the Unity in C#.

What is it about?

It’s a fun app for children aged 3 to 6 years old that contains several games and a book with more than 20 interactive pages with the story in English and Portuguese. The story narrates the conflict of Nino, a little boy who uses his imagination to overcome his fear of sleeping in the dark.


• Interactive book with over 20 interactive scenes.
• Application in English and Portuguese, with written and spoken narration with a performance.
• 30 puzzles to assemble and find the names of all 30 characters.
• Find dream stars hidden throughout the story to reveal surprises!
• Monster machine for you to assemble your own monster, let your kids let their imaginations run wild.
• Various interactive elements with fun animations and exciting sounds throughout the app.
• Along with the power of interaction, a beautiful story that shows that anything is possible with imagination.


An interactive book that works the child’s imaginary world. The story tells the fear of the dark and its representation in children’s emotional.
The book develops in children the reading using a simple narrative with super colorful and captivating images.
The puzzle stimulates the child’s visual and logical perception and motor skills.
The child curiosity app with several pages posted on all pages.


Seal of quality and security

Apps created for kids are taken very seriously when it comes to protecting the integrity of little ones. A child’s app must have specific safety criteria, such as not having advertisements that make the child click inadvertently or internal shopping systems that could harm your child’s experience in some way. All these points are carefully evaluated by this organization that here in Brazil we know as NGOs. If approved you can become a partner/member and consequently you can use the site symbol in your application as a seal of quality. check the list of partners on the site itself, ensuring that the developer is registered. We are! It’s an achievement for you moms and dads!


Reviews/Criticisms and news



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