Game- RACE For Your Life – cross platform multiplayer up to 4 players!

RACELately I’ve been working with a lot of games ideas at the same time. I keep some in the box and others I give start, witch who I believe have the best chance of success I give to my friend, partner programmer Otto so that we can give life to them. A lot of them won’t will see the light of day for many reasons.

Arquivo Escaneado 2

With RACE For Your Life was no different. I think it was one of the fastest ideas that I had. A long time I wanted to do something with multiplayer, and this game was the strongest candidate I had. It reminds me of a game from my childhood the Spin-Out to Odyssey 2, this is the proof that I am an old guy. 😉
So, With the idea ready, Otto the best programmer that I know 🙂 started the studies to bring this baby to the life!


I wanted this game to be easy to learn, but incredibly challenging and addictive. No complicated power ups, no complicated controls. Sit back and play! That’s it!
It was a difficult task to make this game be cross platform and multiplayer. I can say it took about 2 months to get to something that would work satisfactorily on all devices.

We Add an asynchronous mode to further enhance the value of the game. With this mode you can play against other players even if they are offline!

On OUYA and Desktop the game has local multiplayer mode taking advantage of the big screen! We also created a mechanics based in joysticks!



Initially we tried Google services, but despite being a super-known service, many users did not have the account to play online. So today we have created an online service without registration. It makes even more evident the idea to sit down and play!

We took the game to a local game show here in Brazil and was a big hit among children and several times they told us, it was the best game they had played at the game show. It was very rewarding for us and this response gave us the confidence that we were on the right track! The track of fun!

I usually write simple songs for my games, but in this case I wanted something in the same graphic style of the game. Something retro but with a footprint of current technology, something addictive and at the same time simple. The artist behind the music of this game is Rocco from Netherlands. It is a super musician! We are very glad to have his songs in our game.

Our first quote:

We won the featured page in OUYA!IMG_0071

We are working hard to make a quality game for you and at the same time that would be within our size of production. After all we are only two guys! But as always, we are working on updates, we’d love to hear your suggestions, write to us!

The game is Free to Try!
OUYA, Desktops, iOS, Android, Windows Phone and more…

Here the description of the game:
Race! Stay alive and win! This multiplayer cross platform is on-line real-time and async! Take the control of the super colour cars, machines developed to win! But be smart because the other player has the same technology and will not want to stay behind!

• Multiplayer on-line cross platform up to 4 players, you will play against many other platforms;
• Async mode, play with other player even if they are offline;
• Local Multiplayer to up 4 players ( OUYA, DESKTOP only)
• Online ranked match;
• 7 great tracks to race;
• Simple gameplay and very addictive;
• 8 bits retro visual, but poisoned with technology;
• Use the power-up boost and vacuum and surely you will win!

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