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I had an amazing time working on several projects at my previous company, where I had the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons. During my time there, I wore multiple hats and took on various roles, including concept art, game design, illustration, video production, and UX design.

One of my most memorable projects was working on an Amazon game for the Nintendo Wii, which unfortunately never launched. However, it was an excellent effort by the entire team, consisting of both French and Brazilian members. In this project, I was responsible for the concept art and color studies (color scripts). I spent four months working on this project, and I’m proud to share some of the visuals I created to guide the game’s visual direction and help the team visualize the final product:

Party Planner

Another project that I loved to participate is Party Planner for Nintendo DS. is a hard platform to developer, everything is very small and limited, the color are counted and all the tool are from Nintendo. In this game I was the Game Designer, UX designer, Illustrator and video maker. Bellow the video:

Driver DS help

We created a mini game on Nintendo DS that help the player on the game Driver. In this game I worked as game designer and illustrator.

Deer Hunter Tournament

Deer Hunter is classic game made by Soundlogic for the Atari. The guys made 4 versions of this game, and I worked for the Deer Hunter Tournament as game designer, UX designer, illustrator and video maker.

Ubisoft/Southlogic projects:
• Party Planner – Nintendo DS: Game Designer, 2D Artist
• Wedding Design – Nintendo DS: Game Designer, 2D Artist
• Driver: San Francisco – Nintendo Wii/Nintendo DS: Game design, 2D Artist.
• Deer Hunter Tournament – Xbox360 and PC: 2D Artist
• Boggle – Iwin: Art Director, 2D Artist
• Scooby Doo! Who’s Watching Who? -PSP: 3D Artist
• Football Tigers -PC K elloggs: 2D Artist
• And many other projects that won’t saw the sunlight like Amazon for the Nintendo Wii.

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