Jogo: Tapa Pizza – jogo de cartas

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A super fun and creative game developed in record time! In this action-packed game, you must assemble your pizza according to each pizza chef’s ingredient list, using foam gloves to grab the right ingredient first! And of course, the pizza chef must have a mustache!


I started by creating each pizza chef. Through them, I could envision the art style we would follow. While I usually strive to diversify my art style as much as possible, due to the deadline, I decided to stick with the style I already have a well-defined process for, the same style as Heaven and Hell. For the perspective, we wanted the most visually appealing ingredients, but for the purpose of the game, I opted for something different. When Denis mentioned we would have round cards, I had no doubt and said, ‘Let’s make the ingredients round too, so players will have a clear sense of hitting the ingredients themselves!’ Due to the time constraints, we decided to use the pizza chefs for the cover. This cover is still used in some online sales establishments. We gained a few more days for the production of this game, so I created another cover that better represents the game and showcases the actual action that takes place within the game. I have never been in favor of using photos on a game cover as it tends to cheapen the overall look. I believe illustrations always bring a unique identity to the game, so I made sure to create this illustration.

Available for purchase at top toy stores and online retailers.

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