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Concept Art of Amazon – Nintendo Wii


This is a game for the Nintendo Wii console aimed at children and their families, following the style of “Family Game” like Rayman Raving Rabbids. The game starts with a warming illustration that creates a fun and engaging atmosphere for the players. It’s important for the conceptual artist to seek an innovative and meaningful visual, so that the illustrations can be an effective tool for dialogue throughout the project.

For this game, the goal was to create a visual that was close to the maximum limit of the Nintendo Wii. While the conceptual artist created character and scenery concepts, the team performed 3D tests for the console. To help guide the artistic direction, a moodboard was created, a board with diverse images that capture the feeling the game should have. With this, the team had a clear path to follow and great visual references for the project.

Among the characters created, the Shaman and other Indians, such as Grilo do Sol and Montanha que Chora (Sun Cricket and Weeping Mountain), stood out, and were chosen by the team in a meeting. It was considered to experiment with different artistic styles, including a more realistic style instead of a more cartoonish one. Ultimately, the goal was to create a fun and engaging game for children and their families, with a vibrant and appealing visual for the target audience.

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