Monster vs Robots

Monsters vs Robots is a fun app that contains an interactive book with over 20 interactive pages and 3 super fun games. The story tells the conflict of Nino, a small boy who uses his imagination to overcome the problem of sleeping in the dark.

Using interactivity and a simple narrative, the book develops a taste for reading in children. The games were created and thought to stimulate visual perception, logic, motor skills, memory and the child’s attention.

• Interactive book with more than 20 interactive pages. Together with the strength of the interaction, a beautiful and educational story, which shows that everything is possible with the imagination and with love.

• A puzzle unlike anything you’ve ever seen to challenge your motor skills and visual perception.

• You will exercise your memory with a super fun memory game.

• How about looking for Monsters and robots in a game in the best style where’s Waldo.

• In english, portuguese and spanish.

• Buying Monsters vs Robots in each major update we will have new games and you pay nothing more. Invest in us to continue bringing news and free improvements.

Important dads:
Hello my name is Leonardo Amora and I ask for a moment of your attention.I have been working for over 12 years creating digital and printed content for children. I created this application full of bright colors, wonderful music, and great images that will captivate your little one and invite him to develop a taste for reading.I created a safe environment for your child to play, without advertisements or any other link that takes him out of the app without a special barrier (parental gate). The app was created for children between 6 and 12 years old, but dads, which child would not like to have a guide like you for this adventure?

Initial illustrators:

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