Animals on the planet



Learning is fun!

Are we going to learn more about the animals that inhabit our planet?

Let’s found and learn about the animals!
This wonderful trip to knowledge will take you to the polar bear house and will make you feel the cold of the Arctic. With one click, you’ll be in the heat of the Savannahs of Africa to observe and know more about the elephant, the largest mammal on earth!
You can dive in the most incredible oceans along with whales and sharks! Feel the peace and tranquility in the starry night of the North and watch the wolves in their natural habitat.
Learn more about zoology with the book of know and test your skills with the game quiz!

  • There are 16 distinct animals to look for in 8 memorable locations.
  • With the knowledge book know the terms used to classify and understand animals.
  • Play the Quiz with more than 30 questions related to the theme.
  • Record your trip taking amazing photos!
  • An incredible soundtrack to accompany you on this journey.
  • Dogs are at risk of extinction.
  • Translated into 3 languages.

0000 shot

For parents:

Information for Parents:
Hello my name is Leonardo Amora and I ask your attention.
I have been working for more than 12 years creating digital and printed content for children. I created this exploration application full of vivid colors, wonderful songs, and great images that will captivate your little one and invites you to know more about the animals of our planet, is a great introduction to animal biology and also a big step towards awareness of animal preservation. All the content of this application was based on an intense and solid research in respected sources.
I’ve created a safe environment for your kid to play with, no external buttons or any other link that takes him out of the app. The app was created for children between 7 and 12 years, but which child would not like to have as their father your guide for this trip?
Coming soon:
More content, new animals, new languages, new games will be added. Write to me and tell me which animal you would like to see?



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