Math Command: Earth Defense

Hey hello everyone, Amora here!

I would like to present my new game Math Command: Earth defense. This is a little twist of my old game math. Now the game is more fast, more solid and more fun! My focus is yet let you learn math, but with a lot of fun and action. After a session of this game your brain will be more fast for sure! 😉

All our missiles have been reprogrammed and turn against the earth, a plan of revenge orchestrated by the monkey Polymath with your super brain. Now our planet is in danger and only a great math master can brake the codes and defeat the evil Monkey Polymath.

Missiles of all types, evil bosses and many power-ups are all included in this fun and educational game. In the end, you’ll learn more math and won’t even realize you were playing and having fun.

• 10 levels to face
• 11 bad bosses to defeat
• addition, subtraction, multiplication and division calculations.

Guaranteed fun!

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