Coming soon! Be the first on the list of most wanted of the streets! Defeat the enemies one by one, but you have to know that the police are on your tail and will not rest until you are arrested!

Coming soon! The evil took your girlfriend! It’s time to save it! An endless game never seen before! Be strong hero, and not give up even if hordes of millions of enemies appear to challenge you! for everyone!

Coming soon! FIRE and stay alive! Cross platform for up to 4 players local and online! With 5 game modes: Death Match, Capture the Flag, Protect Base, Domination, One Shot One Kill. 10 maps to play!


RACE 2.0 Race! Stay alive! and win! This cross platform multiplayer game up to 4 players online and local, will put you on the controler of the super colour cars. Machines developed to win! But be smart because the other player has the same technology and will not want to stay behind! For everyone.

appledroiddroid  droiddesura


Let’s learn having fun? We need your math to save the world! Be quick, the bombs are falling on our planet, solve the calculations and protect our cities. But beware! Stop the MEGA BOMB or everything will be destroyed! Features: • Use your voice to solve the calculations! (English include) and buy Spanish by In-app and more to came! • 3 levels of progressive difficulty for: addition, subtraction and multiplication. • 8 bits style inspired in the classic old Missile Command. • A lot of types of bombs with different behavior • Take the powers to recover your city or put out fires! • Made for kids to learn!


A fun application that contains a book and several interactive games for fun.With an exciting narration written and spoken in English and Portuguese , the story chronicles the conflict of Nino, a small boy who uses imagination to overcome the problem of sleeping in the dark. For Children’s: (3-6 years), languages portuguese and english.