1981, first artistic expression, kept and given to me by my mother.

I have been drawing since I was very young, my first drawing is dated from mid 1981 (right). In my life I was fortunate to have my mother Lúcia, although we were poor, she always encouraged me and believed that somehow this path could bring me first happiness and some money. I will always be grateful to her to make me believe.

But the truth is that growing up with a lack of money made me follow the path that could pay my bills. So I worked with what was available in the market from video editor to graphic designer, among other things. It was a great exercise for my creativity, because I was increasingly required speed in my responses, all this pressure led me to appreciate creation, more precisely conceptual art.

Below are some of the works I did as an illustrator and conceptual artist:

Illustration & concept art

Just speaking of art, art is an extremely competitive and deep world. It takes a lot of study and a lot of practice. Certainly what guaranteed me a place in the market was the pleasure I found in making art. A curiosity, I love trying new ways of expressing myself, so I studied photography, traditional acrylic painting and even a little bit of carpentry…

What you’ll see next is the style of the none style. Which means my eternal search for a different style.

Concept art & planning

Okay, I have to be honest. This is my favorite part, creating. I consider the most important part of any project, planning. If you plan well you will be prepared for any challenge.

Speedpaint & color script

One of my main methods for creating or searching for a new idea. Without worrying about the details, it just comes. Many of the answers that I am looking for in a project end up appearing precisely in that ignored scribble.

My Process:

Sometimes when I draw, I just let my passion take over.