Monster vs Robots Monsters vs Robots is a fun app that contains an interactive book with over 20 interactive pages and 3 super fun games. The story tells the conflict of Nino, a small boy who uses his imagination to overcome the problem of sleeping in the dark. Education:Using interactivity and a simple narrative, the book develops… Continuar lendo Monster vs Robots

Your brain will save the planet! All of our defenses now are against our planet earth, a malign plan of revenge orchestrated by the monkey Polymath. Now our planet is in danger and only a great math master can defend it.Missiles of all shapes, evil bosses and various powers are all included in this fun yet educational game. In the… Continuar lendo Your brain will save the planet!

LET'S LEARN ABOUT THE ANIMALS?   Learning is fun! Let's learn more about the animals who live on our planet? Find the animals and learn about them. This wonderful adventure of the knowledge will take you in the coldest place on the planet, and you will visit the home of the polar bear, with a move of… Continuar lendo LET'S LEARN ABOUT THE ANIMALS?