Meteor Storm

Can you stop the end? You are responsible for controlling the Destiny cannon, our last hope against a meteor storm that threatens our planet. Resist so that our people can live in peace. Use the NUKE and blow up the meteors!

One touch shoot 'em up? Free to play! The classic shmup style (spaceship shooting games) reimagined for mobile.With a single touch you will control the ship, pass through obstacles and destroy the enemies.We are always working to enforce the mobile usability rules. Portrait, one touch, less hands in front of the screen.This game is super… Continuar lendo

Fight forever! Eternal Fighter is an old school arcade casual game.  The version 2.0 will bring a lot of cool stuff: • A classic zoom like the old school games. Keep Fight!• A special energy will smash the enemies. • New screen orientation.• A smart way to get rid of ads for a while...Discovery more… Continuar lendo

The Wall! Just let the ball fall on the right moment. That's it! Your look will do the rest? Hyper Casual GameWelcome to the most addictive game!Do you know the spinner toy concept? This game is a type of spinner toy, just let the balls fall and make a lot of points. Relax! Play!Instructions? Make… Continuar lendo

It’s magic!

Following the style of all my games, I created this game to be simple and easy to understand. This is the traditional game of matching tiles, but without maps or levels that interrupt your fun. The goal is to create the most powerful magic pot. Time is your opponent, think fast! Or it will be… Continuar lendo It’s magic!

destroying the aliens!

The aliens escape from the prison. But no worries, the building has great defenses that help you to stop the creatures from escaping. But be careful! Don't hit the scientists, they are desperate and are running on the same path of the aliens. Lots of action in this game that will get your full attention!

the core don't can explode!

Don't let the energy balls escape from the center, or the core will be unstable and game over. To help you, special items will be added to the match. With the gravity modifying the balls will be slower, with the extra bar, your bar will be more big, another item will multiplier your points. What… Continuar lendo the core don't can explode!

“you might as well jump”

Physics games are my favorite, here, each game is a new game is created. In this game you have to drag a line below the ball, so the ball will jump and destroy the point cubes, the highest points are more high, so you need skill to stay alive to reach this cubes. Excellent game… Continuar lendo “you might as well jump”

Draw the path!

ball is falling and you must draw a path to guide the ball thought a safe path and full of points, the biggest points are more deep. You will also find power-ups on your way to help you. Get the gravity and slows down everything! Fireball will make you dive deeper and invincible... Easy? Try… Continuar lendo Draw the path!

Caution, this game is addictive!

Control the scenery to guide the ball to the right way. Don't let the ball fall into the red obstacles or it's game over! In this game that will twist your mind, each stage is a new challenge. Try it, guaranteed fun! Images: 

fast, furious e mad

It's time for speed! The passenger asked for a crazy driver and it was you the chosen! What do you don't expect to find is a traffic as crazy as this … Heavens! It has everything, including cars on the wrong way!


The bad guys are on the city, and only the fastest finger can put an end to this wave of crimes. It would be easy if the criminals do not circulate among the innocent. Don't hit the innocents or is game over. A tip, don't forget to reload the gun! Imagens: Fun Facts: • Mob… Continuar lendo LET'S CLEAN THE CITY!