Math Command: Polymath’s Revenge

Let’s learn having fun?

We need your math to save the world! Be quick, the bombs are falling on our planet! Solve the calculations and protect our cities. But beware! Stop the BOSSES or everything will be destroyed!

• Use your voice to solve the calculations, faster voice recognition!
• Can you defeat 10 levels and 10 super bosses each one has their own unique characteristics? Polymath the final Boss! Can you defeat him?
• 3 levels of progressive difficulty (easy, medium and hard) for: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You will found calculations modes like (6+?=12)!
• Destroy bombs without taking damage to fill your combo bar and activate the robot, he’ll help you solve tricky calculations instantly
• Lots of bomb types with different behaviors
• Unleash the power-ups to protect, recover your cities, put out fires or clear all bombs on the screen!
• A special keyboard for phones.
• 8-bit style inspired by the old classic Missile Command
• The Easy mode is made for kids to learn. Adults should try in Normal or Hard mode and you’ll see that this is not just a toy 😉


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